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The washing machine saves lots of your time for keeping your clothes and other things clean and fresh. That is why it should function fine and properly. If you notice something wrong in the work of your washing machine, or if it has suddenly stopped working, do not hesitate and immediately call Green Light Appliance Repair. Our phone number is +1 201 925 8554.

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Any type of cooktops repair and maintenance works

We offer quality and professional dryer and washing machine repair service at affordable prices for any kind of styles, brands, models:

• Installation
• Troubleshooting
• Diagnostics
• Repair

Our experts will help you with any kind of problems with your washing machine, dryer, or combo machines fast and effectively, saving your time and money.

Experts in dryer and washing machine repair services

Washing machines and dryers always have a lot of work to do in the houses and flats. When something goes wrong, it is unpleasant not just because you do not have fresh clothes, but sometimes it may cause other serious problems like flooding your neighbors and destroying your floors. Do not worry. With Green Light Appliance Repair, you have got everything under professional control.

Our technicians can help you out when your washing machine:

• doesn't drain water – it is one of the most frequent breaks, and the reason may lie in the clogging of the drain system. Later on, it may lead to the breakdown of the drain pump

• does not wring out – several causes are possible: clogged drain filter, malfunction of the electronic module, engine breakdown, incorrectly selected program

• does not collect water – if everything is okay with the water supply, then, maybe, the intake filter is clogged, faulty water supply valve, breakage of the luke locking device

• does not turn on – it may happen due to the breaking of the 'turn on' button, breakage of the luke locking device or electronic control unit, no water supply

• does not spin the drum – the reason may lie in the engine malfunction of a broken drive belt

• water licks – among many causes, these are one of the many: mechanical hoses damage, violation of the tightness of the pump, defects in the drain system, clogged dispenser filter.

Green Light Appliance Repair all spectrum of dryer and washer repair services from installation to repair & maintenance

These are just a few of the possible breaks of your washing machine, and just a professional, skilled, and experienced technician will be able to identify and fix the error.

Green Light Appliance Repair has gathered a team ofthe best experts professional at repairing:
• cooktops
• dishwashers
• dryers
• freezers
• ice makers
• ovens
• ranges
• refrigerators
• washing machines

Do not hesitate to dial +1 201 925 8554 and contact our managers to schedule a home visit of one of our specialists, and we will help you out as soon as possible.

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