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Has the stove in the kitchen broken? Are you looking for an appliance repair service center nearby? We are close by and ready to get started urgently! The specialists at Green Light Appliance Repair are always available to perform the diagnostics and repair of your electric or gas ranges fact and effectively at fair rates. To reach us out, please dial the phone number +1 201 925 8554, and you will get a free consultation, all the information about the prices of the services, and schedule a visit of one of our specialists.

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There are several common reasons for a range repair. The design of mostranges is generally standardized, so a specialist can easily disassemble thereasons and take the necessary actions. The most common ranges breakages:
• The burners will not ignite. One of the most common malfunctions inwhich the burners do not turn on or do not light up immediately. Thereason may be a clogged nozzle, a burned-out thermocouple, abreakdown of a solenoid valve, and problems with insulation on the sparkplug.
• Crane problems. Repair of the gas stove faucet is carried out in case ofclogging: usually, it is enough to simply disassemble and clean theelement. By the way, in modern ranges, this problem does not occur at alland is typical for old-style models.

• The burner goes out. You can fix the problem by cleaning the nozzle oradjusting the gas flow. If this does not help, more complex work is needed,to which a specialist should be involved.
• Gas smell. This factor clearly indicates no need for maintenance on thehob. Naturally, it is forbidden to use the device before the arrival of themaster: you need to turn off the gas supply valve, open the window andcall the master. He will have to carry out detailed diagnostics and eliminatea dangerous problem.

Green Light Appliance Repair – order anykind of ranges repair services

The experts at Green Light Appliance Repair are ready to do any kind ofinstallation/repair/maintenance works for the electric or gas ranges:
• cleaning burners and oven;
• cleaning the tap;
• replacing the seal on the oven door;
• cleaning nozzles and jets;
• replacement of thermocouple, flame control;
• cleaning or installing new spark plugs;
• replacement or maintenance of the thermostat and much more.

Dial +1 201 925 8554, and you will have one of our experts leave for your houseor flat as soon as possible. We offer high-quality service, professional repairand maintenance services, the full spectrum of appliance repair/installation/maintenance works, affordable prices.

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